Saturday, April 09, 2011

Saturday Afternoon, um, Post-Teatime

I'm actually working on about five longer blog posts right now that I'll hopefully complete within the next couple of weeks, but I got moved to a new team at work last week and I've been concentrating on working hard and doing well there - cause, you know, First Impressions* and all that. Blog posts are forthcoming, though!

But, in the interest of starting a "regular feature" and wanting to stick with it longer than one week, I am gracing you all with my mind's meanderings today. You should really be trembling with anticipation.

So, I needed some Biblical encouragement on a decision I made this morning and did a quick Google search for Bible verses on character. I found this: "In the same way, their wives are to be women worthy of respect, not malicious talkers but temperate and trustworthy in everything." (1 Timothy 3:11) Timothy is referring to deacons' wives in this particular passage, but I think that all women are called to be this way. I've been mulling over it all morning. Character is so important, even though it's really difficult to develop and maintain because it involves maturity. I'm coming to see maturity as, bottom-line, a deep sense of real trust in God and the actions that result from that trust.

Also, the phrase "It will all come out in the wash" has been big for me this week. Sometimes, life gets really confusing and it seems like everything is upside down and not the way it's supposed to be. I've been around long enough to see things change and come full circle. That phrase makes a lot of sense to me.

But then I started thinking about "the wash" itself. Have you ever thought about the process your clothes go through in the washing machine? It's pretty intense. There are several steps - soaking, the actual washing (which involves the clothes being churned around in hot water and soap), rinsing, and the spin cycle. If I were a sock (and, let's face it, at my size, that's what I'd be), I'd be pretty traumatized at the idea of going through the washer. But then you take the clothes out and the stains are gone, the smells are gone, and everything is right again. Things that aren't meant to be there definitely do come out in the wash, but it takes a rather unpleasant washing to make that happen.

Hmmm. I wonder which step in the cycle I'm in right now.

Hope you've enjoyed my musings and that all that trembling you did was worth it!

*Pop Quiz: Of which famous Jane Austen novel was "First Impressions" the original title?


Anonymous said...

ooh, ooh! Pride and Prejudice!

And I was thinking about the wash analogy...sometimes things don't come off that should come off, like salad dressing or beet juice.

But! It doesn't mean the piece of clothing is no longer usable. It might take some creativity to transform the spot, but it is possible...and maybe the transformed object becomes something amazing that was never imagined in the first place. And makes that object unique in the new job it is given.

Analogies only go so far, but it's a try. :)