Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Song I Didn't Expect to Make Me Cry

I went to a Rob Thomas concert last week (that's the concert I was talking about in my previous post), and my goodness, it was absolutely incredible. Rob is my favorite recording artist and hearing him peform his songs live that I know and love so much was a wonderful, moving, and emotional experience. I expected my response to be that way for the songs that I already loved, like "Cradlesong," "Someday," and "Her Diamonds."

And then there was this song, "Ever the Same," from his 2005 album "Something to Be." I've heard this song so many times before (on the album, it comes right after "Lonely No More" with its amazing bridge lyrics) and until that night I'd thought it was pretty good, yet not really one of my favorites or anything. I don't know why, I can't really explain it, but when he sang this song that night last week, something about the music and the lyrics and the hush that fell over the crowd and the way he sang and standing in that ampitheatre and where I am now in my life and everything that's happened in the last weeks and months and year came together, and quite unexpectedly, I just started crying.

Thank you, Rob Thomas, for that song, and thank you, God, for giving me the opportunity to hear it. It was just what I needed.


Anonymous said...

This is a general comment about the few posts of yours that I've read. I like to browse through people's blogs and I just stumbled over yours in a roundabout manner. You have a real gift for writing, I guess I'm not an expert or anything but I love your style. And I LOVED your conversation that you wrote down with God a few posts back. It made me laugh. I've been feeling really down lately and that post was a little reminder that God *does* get excited about me and He does have plans for me even though I'm bummed out right now because I feel like my life has no direction. So thank you!!

Elisse said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm sorry I haven't responded before now. I don't get many comments, so it meant so much to me to know that my writing spoke to you. I will be praying for you and that God will reveal Himself to you powerfully in your life and show you the real and amazing plan that He has for you! :)